Solutions for homelessness

Politicians think they always have THE answer to homelessness, well they're wrong. We need real solutions for our homeless crisis that focus on drug addiction, mental  health and housing. 

Making sure the gas tax is used on our roads and commute

 Promises made should be promises kept. Nobody likes the Gas Tax, but if we're going to pay it, we need to make sure it's used for what it's intended for, to fix our roads and make your commute easier.

Vocational Education

 Vocational Education is a passion of mine. I have spearheaded ways to get those whose path doesn't include a traditional four year University, into the trades so that they are able to achieve good, living wage jobs and help power our economy here in not only San Joaquin County, but throughout the State. 

Tax free school supplies

 Families today already have to make their dollar stretch further than ever before. That's why one of my first pieces of legislation when elected to the State Assembly will be to create a tax free weekend for parents to purchase their children's K-12 School Supplies, as well as for College Students getting ready for the new semester. As a parent or student you should be able to afford the tools you need to succeed academically! 


 We can't continue to let PG&E get away with what they want, when they want. These blackout's affecting an estimated 2.5 million people are simply unacceptable. We need someone to make sure they are held accountable in the State Capitol. 


 We shouldn't only honor and serve our veterans on Memorial and Veterans's something we should do everyday of the year. 


It is unfair to the Valley for the state not to count hydroelectric power as renewable energy          Op-Ed by Assemblymember Adam Gray, Merced Sun-Star, September 6, 2019

I fully agree with Assemblymember Gray. We need an electricity grid that is not only powered by clean, renewable energy, but affordable for those of us here in the Valley. Hydroelectric power is just that, and should be counted as renewable energy as well.